Testa Rossa caffèbar

The taste of Testa Rossa…

Created in 1994 …

… by our master roasters with a lot of love, experience and professional knowledge, TESTA ROSSA caffè is today one of the best and most popular coffee brands. The special medium-dark roasting makes it an unmistakeable Espresso-pleasure. From classic Espresso to delicious Capuccino, Latte Macchiato and Caffè Lungo, TESTA ROSSA caffé is ideal for all types of preparation. The typical velvety taste and a perfectly rounded aroma, the noble acidity as well as a dark brown Crema characterize this very strong coffee blend. Best Arabica beans from Central America and Kenya, all grown at an altitude of 1200 to 2000 meters, form the basis for our premium coffee. Careful harvesting and processing, perfect matching of the beans and expert roasting in our own roasting plant transform the precious green coffee blend into the unmistakable TESTA ROSSA caffè. Due to the great success of the TESTA ROSSA caffè, the idea was born to develop an Italian coffee bar concept around the bean, 

the TESTA ROSSA caffèbar.

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